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Title: 눈사람 / Nun-sa-ram / Snowman
Chinese Title : 雪人
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2003-Jan-08 to 2003-Mar-06
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Although at first unwillingly, Jo and Gong later become the best of sister/brother-in-law. They depend on each other for help, trouble, and fun. Oh Yuhn Soo, Jo’s wife, is grateful at the happy relationship, but things go astray when Gong grows a greater affection for Jo. When Gong confesses her feelings for Jo, the two start to grow apart. Although they later end up in the same police department, they try hard to avoid eachother, and Oh starts to realize the reason why. Kim Rae Won is Gong’s friend and the son of a rich hotel owner. Although he knows that Gong likes her brother-in-law, he never gives up his feelings for her. Things seem to turn out alright when Gong starts to date Kim and forget about Jo, but her sister Oh dies. The dangerous yet innocent love for her brother-in-law puts Gong in a terrible situation…how is love different in a family?

The beginning of the drama, when Gong is a high school student, is very humorous. The drama is well-written, but if you don’t like the unconventional idea of a sister-in-law liking her brother-in-law, you shouldn’t watch this drama. Kim Rae Won is portrayed really well, and the character fits him perfectly! worth watching.


Gong Hyo Jin as Suh Yeon-wook
Jo Jae Hyun as Detective Han Pil-seung
Oh Yun Soo as Suh Yeon-jung (Yeon-wook’s sister)
Kim Rae Won as Cha Sung-joon

Supporting Cast

Wang Bit Na as Lee Soo-jin
Oh Seung Eun as Kim Sang-hee (Yeon-wook’s friend)
Han In Soo as Cha Hee-jang (Sung-joon’s father)
Kim Ye Ryung as Sung-joon’s stepmother
Im Sung Min 임성민 as Lee Mi-young (Yeon-jung’s upper classman)
Shim Yang Hong as Pil-seung’s father
Kim Ji Young as Pil-seung’s mother
Park Eun Soo 박은수 as Keun Hyeong
Soon Dong Woon 순동운 as Han Pil-nam (Pil-seung’s older brother)
Son Min Woo 손민우 as Han Pil-young (Pil-seung’s younger brother)
Baek Jong Hyun 백종현 as Han Pil-joon (Pil-seung’s youngest brother)
Kim Dong Joo as Pil-nam’s wife
Kim Jung Soo 김정수 as Soon-mi (Pil-young’s wife)
Myung Kye Nam 명계남 as Capt. Oh (Pil-seung’s boss)
Kim Yoon Tae 김윤태 as Detective Lee
Lee Dae Yeon as Detective Kim
Kim Seung Min as Detective Kang (Pil-seung’s rookie partner)
Lee Seung Hyung as Dept. Chief Choi
Kim Na Woon as Sun-young (Pil-seung’s cousin)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jung Woon Hyun 정운현
Director: Lee Chang Soon 이창순
Writer: Kim Do Woo 김도우

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