Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dandelion Family


A drama that depicts the lives of three sisters and their romances. The eldest sister boasts an outwardly perfect marriage, while the second sister ends up pregnant and moves out with her college boyfriend. The youngest sister, Hye Won, desires to avoid marriage after observing the heartache that her siblings experience.


Park family

Yoo Dong Geun as Park Sang Gil
Yang Mi Kyung as Kim Sook Kyung
Song Sun Mi as Park Ji Won
Maya as Park Mi Won
Lee Yoon Ji as Park Hye Won
Jung Chan as Min Myung Suk (Ji Won’s husband)
Jung Woo as Kim No Shik (Mi Won’s husband)
Baek Jin Ki (백진기) as Kim Yong Yi

Lee family

Kim Ki Sub (김기섭) as Lee Hyo Dong
Oh Young Shil as Lee Jae Kyung
Kim Dong Wook as Lee Jae Ha
Hong Hak Pyo as Gong Byung Goo (Jae Kyung’s husband)

Other people

Kim Jung Min as Jung Tae Hwan
Lee Mi Young as Lee Pil Nam
Jung Ae Ri as Yoon Sun Hee
Oh Jung Sae (오정세) as Jae Hoon
Lee Byung Wook as Jung Sung Jae (Head of Department at Hye Won’s workplace)
Kim Kyung Hwa (김경화) as Team Leader Kim
Maeng Chang Jae (맹찬제) as Choi Jin Moo
Im Hyun Sung as Jung Pil
Jun In Taek
Shim Yang Hong

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Oh Hyun Chang
Director: Im Tae Woo
Scriptwriter: Kim Jung Soo

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